Ooh youre not married!!?? 😑😫

I write this letter with so much passion in my heart. It’s really been long I made a post here and also been so active in the comment section. However, the recent posts I’ve been seeing in the past few days have driven me out of my comfort zone to do this. My heart bleeds and it hurts so much that Christian ladies do not know their worth in Christ. Ill be breaking my thoughts into some points. I really do hope this won’t be too long.

I really do not know why people feel old. I have never felt old, I do not know how people get into that mode. Before I got engaged, I never felt old, I never felt I was running late for the marriage business. I still feel young and youthful, that is why I still find it really easy to interact with young people.

It’s so easy to claim we’re Christians but so easy to live our lives based on culture, trends and traditions. Society says the best age to get married is 25 and you believe that crap. Who gives the yardsticks for the age to get married?
It is when you feel old that you give the devil the license to mess with your mind.

Your true worth is in Christ. It’s not in being married. If you think that it is marriage that will give you respect, it means that you are not doing anything meaningful with your life right now that’s noteworthy. Stop being intimidated whenever you see married people, our worth is not in such things. Get down to the word and get the understanding of who God says you are.

It is very easy to go through life while you’re alien to yourself. Knowing yourself doesn’t automatically come to you as you advance in age. Knowing yourself is an intentional activity for you to know who you are. Knowing yourself entails knowing where you want to be and what your dreams are. It is when you know yourself that you will know the steps you need to take in order to achieve your dreams.

It is when you have a dream and a purpose you want to achieve that you will be able to identify the right kind of man that has the capacity to accommodate your dreams. If you do not know where you are going, you will attract all kinds of men and enter into all kinds of relationships because you have zero direction in life.

If you think that it is marriage that will cure your sadness, your life will be entirely miserable. The source of our joy is not in marriage, it is in Christ. Your future husband is not your messiah, he cannot give you what God alone can give you. If your present life is in misery because you long to be married, you will never be joyful in that marriage.

Why? Life is in phases and in stages. Now that you are single, you desperately want to be married that you miss out on the gains, your wins, the joys and opportunities of your present stage. By the time you’re married, there will also be something you will be desperate to have again, then you’ll continue your cycle of misery. You’ll never be truly happy in life because you will always have something you’re stretching your hands to get.

What do you do? Seize every moment, married or single and make the best use of your seasons. This phase will pass, you will be married someday. However, the opportunities you miss will never come back to you.

If you do not love yourself, you will make decisions that will hurt you and your generations. If you love yourself, you will invest in yourself. If you love yourself, you will not be entangled in purposeless relationships. If you love yourself, you will have the capacity to love someone else in the right way.

I haven’t been too active on social media like I used to before I got married because I have too many things to deal with now. I made good use of my single years and I am happy I lived a fulfilled life that time. However, new innovation is on the increase and there are many more things I wish to know, do and learn because of the advancements everyday. In spite of my many wishes to do many things, I really cannot cope with doing too many things like I would when I was single.

Are you maximizing this period? Are you investing in your intellectual capacity? Its very easy for us to list the things we want in a man when we do not have such qualities ourselves. You fight with everyone in your office and no one says something good about you and the first thing on your husband material list is, a man who does not fight. You want a man who forgives easily, do you forgive easily? Instead of working on your weaknesses, you want a man to put up with your excesses? How logical?

What are you bringing to the table asides your butt, breasts and fine face?

You can never get any good gift when you are desperate. It is when you are desperate to get married that the devil will release many of his children who will dangle “bling bling” before you in order to blind fold you. And because you are desperate to marry 😇😇

By giftedhands22

Nigerian business magnate, investor, evangelist, author,writer , philanthropist, and humanitarian. He is best known as the principal founder Gifted hands foundation. ... Gifted hands is one of the volunteers of unicef Nigeria

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